The owner of chelsea football club celebrated  his 53th birthday, Abramovich is from Russia  in saratov, he was born in the year  24 October 1966, he is a Russian Israeli billionessman,  an investor and also a politician .

He owns many companies like private investment  company millhouse LLC and is  best known outside Russia as  the owner of chelsea football club  and was also the former governor of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug in the year 2000 to 2008.

Roman Abramovich  lastest net worth is  US$12.9 billion  making him the richest person in Israel , 11th richest in Russia and  in the world 120th richest person. He has a great more money than any other living rich human being in Russian between in the year 1999 to 2013 of more than  US$2.5 billion schools and hospitals in infrastructure in his state .

Roman bought chelsea football club at £140million, but he spend up to £900 million to set up chelsea.

Is so great to celebrate his birthday with chelsea player, you can still check on to know how much he spend on he 53th birthday on 

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Ahovi Suleiman said…
Happy birthday to my chief club owner Chelsea,I wish u more wisdom to gather more success in all your endeavours by God grace.