The legal action against google of allegedly tracking four million iphone users data, this go ahead in united kingdom that three judges have ruled, and the case has been ruled by the high court.

Google on response: The case relate to events that took place nearly a decade ago events that place nearly a decade ago,that we addressed at the time. We believe it has no merit and should be dismissed.

Early years 2011 to 2012  google cookies small computer text files that collect data on health, race, ethnicity, and s*xuality, through Apple safari web browser, when users had chosen a do not track privacy settings.

Now how the court of Appeal has said the case can proceed ruling that

  • Individual personal data had a value.
  • The Definition of damage could apply to loss of control of personal data, which therefore could qualify users for compensation.
  • Representative act of this type are a suitable legal procedure for seeking mass redress.
The court has confirmed our view that representative action are essential for holding corporate giants to account.

Google can be hid to account in this country for misusing people data and groups of consumers that comes together ask the courts for refresh when firms profit .

In the year 2012 google accept to pay $22.5m in damages over the same issue in the US.
The issue had been noticed by standard university student targeted advertising.