China has started research and development of 6G technology, and we're still cribbing over our vodafone 4G Sims offering pathetic connectivity and download speed.

The first qroup consist of government department that will Bertillon bring 6G revolving and pushing forward the execution of this communication technology of 37 experts from university,science institutions and major corporations will advise  the government on important 6G related.

 The 5G network is said to provide data speeds at least 10 times faster than 4G and ready to generate 6G.

 You can be able to download any movie, game or enter  a VR world at the touch of the button, to roll 5G wireless net network has move up the price of recent with China and U.S going after each other and engaging in a trade war.

We are still awaiting the action of 5G frequencies and then we could see Airtel rush to upgrade their network and provide 5G connectivity .

The first  China group that consists of government department that will help bring 6G revolution , pushing forward the execution of this telecomuciation .