A  22 years old man who kidnap his 6 years old  step sister in makera funtua local government area of kastsina state, 

He has been arrested by the police, the report from lbrahim kazeem  identified his girlfriend as Murja , while she return from school on April 16 2019 . his girlfriend run after the girl ,who was taken to Talata mafara local government Area of Zamfara state.

And the little girl has been pegged at N3m , the suspect pleaded with his gang member to accept the N200k ransom his father  agreed to pay for the girl.

The elder brother of the suspect (lbrahim) was monitoring around to make sure  that he is not coming with police .

For  the story of the suspect

He said:

At the end, he was asked to drop the money at a designated place where there were many people ,coming from , they asked him to go and pass the night at a school where the child would be brought to him. Later they changed their mind and asked him to sleep at the motor park .

Around 2am , they called him on the mobile phone to go and pick the abducted girl at a designated place. They  ordered him to go immediately and pick before another group would kidnap her again".

The kidnaper said that his girlfriend came visiting and i kept her in an apartment detached from our main building, nobody knew she was in that  house . during her stay , i could not give her money she suggested that we should abduct my step daughter so as to raise the money give her.

She said my father would not hesitate to bring out money to pay, on the day she was returning from lsland school.

I took her to my girlfriend who was on a motorbike , i had to appeal to them to release her because of the tension Asiya disappearance caused.