In the year 2010 Chidimma blow into music industry with so many awards especially from MTV BASE the one that made her what she is now.

Chidimma met flavour in 2014 they collab in music and started developing internal feelings for each other.

Flavour in an interview with soundcity said their music is more authentic when they sing together and people tend to connect  more on it.

 Because they act in public like they're in a relationship , with romantic kisses and some s*xy dance , but on the interview with soundcity he said that Chidimma is just my friend . our strong vibe comes from how deeply we feel about music. Sometimes, when you want to do a music video you will like to make it real .

Talking about the kissing people felt song they were swept away  by our delivery , it was so original .

Because the kind of kissing he gave to her on live perfromers on Onitsha and the one on the video of ololufa shot by them in 2016 and so may ones.

And now they are back in they relationship again and have drop so many vibe that makes someone to fall in love like 40 years and mma.


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