The owner of popular restaurant in Aliu Sheu at sabo Yaba in lagos state got murdered.

From the report  the deceased was robbed on Monday in his house in Somolu and the properties were stolen by the thiefs including his  Automated teller machine were got stolen too .

 The robot from the banks says that the robbers transferred and withdraw N360,000 from his (the Victim) bank account.

The community reported the robbery at the pedro police Division on Tuesday and he returned to his restaurant and later in the day he went to his house to rest , but unknowingly the assailants were already in his apartment and shot him dead on a spot.

He was rushed to the hospital where he was confirmed dead, A family of the deceased SHINA SHEU  who reacted to the incited on his Twitter account on thursday said his brother was  killed in a cold blood .

Sheu called on the police and the lagos state Government to investgate the murder and bring the them for justice .
After the incidents Sheu tweeted saying ,Aliu was robbed in his home at exactly 2.46am . They robbed only his apartment the 2nd floor  out of the of the whole buliding .

They collected the gadgets and his ATM card and transfer N360,000 , the following morning he went to the police  station to report the  incident at the pedro police station and the incident was kept on a low .

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