Naw there is dis thing guys do dat is very irritating ! Am sure am talking for a lot of girls who don't want to address dis issue. .if u r a girl den am sure you can relate to dis MATTER!! ... U meet a guy you think u like nd u guys hit it off,Nd all Nd dis guy is sweet Nd nice nd friendly Nd u start seeing friendship with dis guy u guys talk a lot Nd gist - after so much talking u agree to meet Nd because d guy has a sweet mouth u agree to have with him after intercourse u exchange Ur good byes Nd u go home

The guy dat calls u 3 times a day before reduces to one after copulation nd at d end stop​s calling nd giving excuses til he fades out GUYS! Put urself in the girls shoes she feels USED Nd stupid!.. Nigerian guys can talk to u for a whole year jst to Bleep u Nd ONCE dey do dey r off! -If u have sisters put urself in the girls shoes nd see how she feels!!! , Are u telling me a girl can't just meet a guy she likes Nd is scared to ve copulation because she knows d guy might be after copulation afterall ,are u telling me a girl has to keep trying all dis guys til she finds d one?

I had a funny EXPERIENCE met a guy on a dating app dis guy was so particular about no hooking up jst Friendship Nd I was cool with it ..he was like babe I don't do hook up Nd I sed me to! we kicked off gist every day nd finally we agreed to see ,now dis guy is fresh Nd all Nd I was thinking in my little head Something might be here ...so one thing led to d other it happened!! Love happened

Nd dis guy dat calls every day stopped calling nd all ..naw put urself in my shoes I felt USED Nd stupid Ladies d fault is not YoU! Stop blaming URSELF! Guys jst want to be smart using friendship to have copulation freely Nd dey X like dat ...it's not cool ..

If dis has happened to a girl more Dan 5times keep meeting guys say she thinks r cool ,keep falling into deir trap...no one is going to tell dis girl dat wen next u meet a guy if copulation happens collect ur money nd ex! So even if d guy never calls again u don't feel USED or stupid.