A young lady of 22 years named BJONDA HALITI  shared her experience with the virus covid-19  after been tested positive .

She made it clear to her friends on  social media from the first day  she started seeing or feeling the symptoms .

She said I've been debating on posting m, but i want to shared my experience especially with those around my age to help bring awareness and to relieve any stress/ anxiety some may have due to the pandemic.

Day1. I started with a mild dry cough and a slightly score  throat ,i was very tired that night.

Day 2.  I felt alot of pressure in my head to the point i could cough softly  to avoid discomfort that night, i experience the chill and had a fever one main symptom that stood out to me , my eyes physically hurt and  they were trend and sore.moving them was uncomfortable  during some research  i discovered this was just a migraine , but i didn't go away at all  ,i slept all day

Day 3. Energy levels very low i only slept and still ran fevers at this point my symptoms were , dry cough, migraine, fever, chills and some nausea . i decided to go to the doctors where i tested negative for the flu and strep. The doctor told me i probably have an infections and prescribed me antibiotic  and 800mg of ibuprofen .i make sure i stay  extremely hydrate  and shock on a vitamin and probatic. That night i still ran fever .

Day 4. Finally no more fever  but a new symptoms short of breath, i was uncomfortable that night , i  flet like i have a brick in my chest . i tried the self degonse test i read online ( hold your breaths and count to 10) which i successfully did with no  complications .

At the points i wanted to test for corona like i should have been in First place. but it was very difficult to get testedfor it. I continued to self quarantine and hydrate hydrate HYDRATE!.

Day5. The symptoms  score throat , cough and shortness of breath, i want to the same doctor i was adament  about getting tested . Doctor said my vitals was unremarkable , but i wasn't going to take no form and answer. I also requested chest X ray  everything came out normal.
I was advised to continue with self  quarantine and would receive my result  in 5-6 days.

  Day 6.With the continue use of antibiotics  ibuprofen my symptoms were  sore throat, shortness i. breath and my energy start to increase.

Day7. Symptoms: slight sore throat mild cough shortness of breath. Energy levels increasing .

 Day8. Symptoms mild cough started to feel like myself before, Energy

Day9. My cough was a little heaveir  normal energy level.

Day10. Symptoms mild cough,mucus  normal energy level, my lab results came out positive , i am  continuing to self-isolate  and take care of myself . today am feeling great and healthly , i  will need to retest  in order to be clear . that if i can find a doctor that will help me to retest , haven't had any luck  so far.

My DM will be open to those who have questions, i hope this was helpful i wanted  to let people know that if i got through it so can you don't panic if you are feeling  symptoms  take intiative and fellow CDC. guidelines . we're going to get over this .

Hi guys thanks you for  your love and support and trying to respond to  every massage  and will  dedicated the rest to my islatoins .to get back to everyone . thanks to have one for you .

I just want to tell everybody know that i have be isolated at home, recommended by doctor
There a pictures of liquid  i have been takeing to stay hyndrake water is most important .