The son of kaduna state governor bello caught raping his mother, and now threatening on social media.

The news was shared by Alexander Thandi Ubani on the disappointment of having the son of a governor go scotfree after threatening for raping another person mother.

The writer made it clear by saying, Today i will not write about  Nigerian  governor who locks up jornalists for criticzing  his government.

I will spare you all the grumble. I won't even talk about  how he organize literary festivals where writers go to enjoy the goodies of life and come out unaroused and silent even when one of them is being strangled by the same folk.

I found out today that when you are the son of governor you can threaten to gangrape anyone and go Scott free, nothing will happen to you as far as you release a watery apology to save face aftĂ©r insulting prominent individual who had expressed shock over your shameful misdeed  that was Hailed by your own mother.

I have always follow kaduna state Governor son Bello El-Rufai closely and watched from afar his antics on social media, especially his penchant for insulting people who hold different opinions from his .

I thought he was loud , but i didn't shocked because i know that it is only people from a debased home that talk the way he did to a Twitter user some days ago.

I had expected a certain level of decorum from him reading a reply to a Twitter user who disgarced with his politics view showing a man who has lost every iota of respect for the women folk for himself, family , community and for people from other place.

Tell your mother I'm passing her friends tonight ,no igbo sounds please Bello tweeted, your mother is the main whore of the South-East i can't reply you publicly f**k Kanu and take a picture of the second Niger Bridge to Buhari.

know for sure that if his father was not a governor and he was just like every other Nigerian who is not sheilded by the corrupt system, he would have been arrested. Where are the anti-rape warriors? You can't see any cos if you dare speak, you might likely disappear before you even finish shouting rape.  Or maybe, you will lose your job because your boss, a supposed feminist and anti-rape advocate answers to the oracle who backs the man threatening to rape another person's mother.

The events of the last few days how Bello threatened to gangrape the mother of a Twitter user just because he chose a different line of political argument from his is a reminder to all of us how unlucky it is to be a Nigerian. The rich and powerful, especially those who through dubious means found themselves controlling state power have always hounded, harassed, chased and killed ordinary Nigerians who have opposed their twisted minds. Bello is not just a disgrace to his family, he is a primitive-minded-powerhungry-goon who rides on the back of his father's political shoes for clout. He is no achiever, a social media rambler who sits in the comfort of his room chasing after sexual innuendos, looking for a victim to unleash his insatiable desires. He is a product of a longstained ethnic relationship that has stopped the country from reaching its peak.
Apart from threatening to sexually molest the twitter user's mother, he went as far as making mockery of the entire Igbo land, even when the person he was threatening didn't come from there. Bello's recent act shows his psyche is polluted not just with depravity, but also a deep hatred for an entire ethnic group. Without mincing words, Bello exposed himself as a tribal bigot, a pseudo-ethnic-warrior whose hatred for the Igbos is legendary.

In no distant time, Bello will be forced on the masses either as a state house of assembly member, or even pushed to the house of Representatives and maybe the Senate where he will brazenly achieve his objective of pointing at people's mothers and gangraping them without anyone batting an eyelid.

At this point, Bello needs help. That help should not come from his mother, Hadiza Isma El-Rufai, wife of the Kaduna state governor who saw nothing wrong with her son's perverse statement and even supported him when she was tagged to it. A mother who reads her son's tweet planning to gangrape another person's mother with his friends and finds it 'fair' deserves a shameful handshake. A mother, girlchild advocate, author, feminist and anti-rape advocate like Hadiza failed women on all fronts with her holey response to her son's vile excesses.

Be that as it may, we all must be human, but that doesn't mean that in the face of all their apologies we should forget the perverseness that has taken over their minds. And at a time people keep missing for criticizing these fellas, I have told my friends who to hold responsible if anything happens to me.

Always remember, no matter how hard it tries, a Leopard can never change its spots.

Alexander Thandi Ubani is a journalist.

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