An unknown new couple from India shared new of naming their newborn twins CORONA AND COVID. On the despite havoc caused by the coronavirus pandamic .

 It was a great thing  for the newborn twins and in other side bad thing by naming them corona and covid, because the two words are derived from the coronavirus deadly virus that broke out from wuhlu in China.

 The parents of the newborn twins are from chhattisgarh in India who welcomed the twins during the ongoing coronavirus enforced nationwide lockdown decided name them corona and covid because the twins symbolise triumph over hardships and dangerous virus that is pandamic.

From the words of the couple, the names would remind them about all the hardships these conquered amid the lockdown.

 We're blessed with the twins a boy and a girl, in the early hours of match 27 , we named the boy covid and the girl corona as the mother of the twins said .

 It was a very dangerous virus that makes the world to stay on fear and we through on name to give them we decided to give them the two name .

When the hospital staff also started calling the babies as corona and covid, and we finally decided to name them after the panademic .

 On late night of march 26, i suddenly experienced severe labour pain and some was my husband arranged an ambulance open under 102 Mahtari Express service .

 As no vechicular movement was allowed on roads due to the lockdown we were stopped by police at various places but they let h after noticing my condition.

Public Relations officer  of the hospital shubhra singh said the mother and the newborn were discharged recently and  were in good health .

 But later in 45 minutes we arrived , she delivered successfully.