Between Zaltan and Nairamarley who is the best dancer, some of their fans are been asking and scerching between Nairamarley and Zaltan what is the best dancer and also the best singer in afro music industry.

Now Crackedgist has bring the gist to your table, we has been scerching and been asking also watching to know the best dancer and the best singer in Afro music industry between them.

Yes we made it, looking on Zaltan We'll know between  him and marley he is the one that first drop a hit song with a  dance step known as ZANKU and LEGWORK.

Now we can prove to you that Zaltan is the best dancer among them, because all his video he has been showing up some different dance step .

But talking about Marley he usually show up legwork dance step, apart form his hit songs dance step like "soaply" and "Puta". In Marley music his doesn't have mostly  dancers but in Zanku music Zaltan he  has many dancer like poco Lee known famous dancers in Nigerian. 

Well poco lee is well known as famous and great dancer in Nigeria with a hit dance steps, like Lil smart who is also a dancer in Nigerian but not yet famous like poco Lee.

Zaltan is well talent in music industry he got famous by his music hard work but talking about Marley his is well known famous with some of his hit track like "Issa Goal, that is his first hit track that made him famous during world cup.

Before the world cup Zaltan is not yet known famous like that but he is still growing in music industry, them he is working with Lil kesh the former YBNL artist.

Talking about the song that got Zaltan famous we said about ABLE GOD, he got featured by chinko and Lil kesh, still the hit track ABLE GOD  was dropped that was the first place where the dance step Legwork was dropped.

And Zaltan went back and create his own song with the dance step, he Started getting famous in music industry, and drop some hit some like ZANKU, BOLANLE AND YEYE BOYFRIEND.

Okay with what we have gotten through over them we can say that zaltan is the best dancer in between him and Marley, because  counting on their  hit songs with hit dance step,

 Zaltan is the highest. Thanks  for checking on this blog to know the lastest gist and news that is happen in Nigerian music industry, don't be resisted to check on to know more on entertainment.


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