Unknown Igbo man called Ifeanyi Asiegbuelam tell police how he has been helping E-money to  kidnap people in lagos .

The Nigerian billionaire business man but now known as a kidnapper, a brother to Nigerian popular musician Kcee.

I helped him to kidnap many rich people from the South-East , especially from IMO and Abia states, but i Asiagbuelam 32, lamented that despite aiding Ezenwa to perpetrate the Crimes.

He did not make me rich, a dismissed police corporal was killed in January 2018 during a gun duel with policemen attached to the special Anti-Robbery Squad of the IMO state  police Command when he attempted  to kidnap a south-African based Nigerian businessman in Owerri.

 13 building  including a hotel belonging To the late kidnapper were reportedly traced by operatives of the inspector General of police intelligence Response Team to Abia , IMO and Enugu.

While seven cars,and Two SUVs plus one Hilux truck a commercial bus two tipper lorries and a trailer belonging to him were also recovered from several locations within the south-East.

I ,who was arrested recently by policemen in cross River state and handed over to IRT  operative, claimed that he met E-money who was killed  alongside two other gang members and five  years before he joined the Nigerian police force.

Some a few weeks later in the same year, he showed up in my house in a dark tinted Toyota Prado SUV and there he invited me to join his kidnapping enterprise on the first operation i went him.

We  on the first operation i went with him we drove to Okigwe , where we kidnapped a man in his car, but we accosted the Vehicle and dragged the man out of the vehicle and look him into our own Car. E-Money then asked me to blindfold the man 
And when we got close to my town, Emoney  then come down from his SUV and gave me N50,000 i didn't question him and he drove the man away.

But i didn't know where he drove the men to, number of days the man spent with him, how he negotiated and collected his money  i don't know about that one.

 The suspect said he escaped to a bush on the day Emoney was arrested by a police , 
But then i got a call from Ugo who kept one of  Emoney rifles and we formed a new gang ,but on our first operation we had trouble .

Some of policemen accosted us  and killed , but Ugo escaped but chimobi and i were arrested.