Woman who survived  coronavirus shared what she past through for two weeks with the virus.

She said the effect garlic, ginger, lemon and tumeric concoction had on her,  on her experience over the virus on her life said the eymptoms is like nothing she has ever experienced.

She also shared about the symptoms she feels and her followers said that "the virus is better  heard of than views.

She also warned people that is saying that coronavirus and also warned people about using the garlic, ginger, lemon and tumeric concoction touted as a good herbal remedy to combat the symptoms of  covid-19.

She also said drinking  the concoction was so corrosive it was slowly peeling off her abdominal lining.

  On her post she also said it okay so said not realize how ungrateful i was to be alive until Covid-19 taught me a great lesson

This  past two weeks fighting for my life in the hospital no be Minnesota.

Let me tell you what the virus does dry throat first, you will cough tire nothing will come out, Running  nose plus better migraine the neck pain is first class.

It will so take away ones sense of small you can't even perceive bleach as pungent as it is, Every food will taste like shaft intact as strong as salt is couldn't taste that .

Like your lungs will feel like its full of water, to breath will be like you are panting for you life, and you will be praying for person is not dead before ambulance arrives.

People should take it easy with the garlic ginger turmeric lemon concoction oo, it was very so corrosive it was slowly peeling off my abdominal lining.

Omo guys the virus no fry play , make una stay safe, i work frontline so i always wore my face mask face shield and even goggles i changed my gloves less than every 5mins.

I  wash my hands and used hand sanitizer to the extent my skin was peeling yet still i caught the virus, I'm thankful to God that this picture i have here is not my obituary