Famous Portuguese rapper David Mota  got killed after showing up his billions and his Golds on Instagram.

On March 15 he got missing, but it was believed that he was kidnapped outside of his family home in the municipality of sintra.

 From the report from his mother Filomena mota said he received a phone cell in the middle of the night to go down to the door of the building.

And he got abducted by two armed men in hoods, she also said she later received a call from a Neighbour at 2am asking if her son was okay and she later found he was not in his room.

She found her son hat and slippers at the entrance to the building as well as splashes of blood in the elevator Suspecting that that he has been abducted.

She said that on the night of the abduction she answered a call made to Mota Jr's( famously known) phone from a girl who claimed she was going to enter the building with him when instead two men pointed a gun at him and sent her away.

Mota was renowned for posting images of gold jewelry, luxury cars and wads of cash on Instagram, apart of bragging of a billionaire lifestyle on sofa media and in his music videos.

It has since been revealed the rapper was not a billionaire at all, police really made it cleared that mota jr was tortured by hia kidnappers as they demanded information on his where about of his hidden wealth and luxury items.

After living fake life he later killed by kidnappers who came back and rob the house with his keys, he was confirmed kidding for more than two months after he was reported missing, his body was found in a wooded area some 50 kilometres from his home.

From the report from TV124 Mota body was found on Monday, and it took until Tuesday to identify the body due to high state of decompostion, the country judiciary police have lauched an investigation over it.

And an authorities have treated the case as a possible abduction and murder since the investigation began, and his die body has been taken to legal medicine for an autopsy and the results are still on hold.


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