The Nigerian Reggae/ dancehall singer known as cynthia morgan have finally release her letter to Nigerians.

She said that she has finally admitted that he erred along the line just as she has dismissed the insinuation that she lied to Nigerian over her former manager Jude Okoye.

From the words she lied over Jude Okoye her former manger, she said that Jude wreck of her career while she was under hia label she had also alleged that Okoye was not promoting her  brand and that he took over her Vevo accounts in addition to stop her from using the stage name again.

But reacting to the allegation levelled against him Okoye denied ever stooping the once bubbling diva from using her name but only took over her Vevo account  because she owed him N40 million.

Jude went ahead to release the contract he signed with her, which has since led to backlash from Nigerians on social media with some accusing Morgan of being a clout chaser.

Some defending her in an Instagram live session on Tuesday night Morgan said she did not reveal her past to gain sympathy, 

 According to her, she did not talk about Jude Okoye and my past because i went sympathy from Nigerians the talented singer said the singer also in a touch open letter to Nigerans titled letter from Cynthia Morgan to Nigerian was posted on social media.

On the letter she confessed that she erred even as she other parties involved had their fair shared of the blame, i was younger and new in the industry and in retrospect some things could have been done differently instead of left unresolved.

She also added when she is telling her story  i have not lied but only shared my story as it happened from my own point of view she however thanked Nigerians for their overwhelming support since she broke her story on live video on Instagram.
I also allowed the hurt and pain from past dealing  take over my emotions but moving on, i do appreciate everyone clamouring for my return both online and offline.

I'm also asking Cynthia Morgan fans all over the world for Understanding and patience on the new journey we are about to embark on.


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