20 years old lady reasons why she killed her 1 year old boy with a bucket of water on her room.

On an interview with punch media after she was arrested by police she said, i killed my daughter on may 11 after facing some big challenge because of her over academy and financially.

I got pregnanted  by my boyfriend on 2018, when i got pregnant i told him that am pregnant him, he told me to go for abortion he gave me a tiny drug to take to flush out the baby after I took the drug but didn't work on me.

So some months later he found out that the pregnancy is progressing, he decide to leave me and the baby. Then my sister invite me in your house she told me to keep the baby that is going  to take care of me and the baby.

After I deliver the baby some big challenges start facing me basically in academic and financia,l I don't have money to take care of baby.

I keep on pushing myself praying to God to provide a helper for me to take care of the baby, beginning of this month my sister called me told me she have a bad dream about my daughter being drunk inside  water, but before that I was planning to kill the baby and after I heard about the bad dreams she told me.

So I decided to  used water to kill her, I put a bucket of water first of all put her leg inside the bucket of water but she is trying to use her hand to pull of the cover so I decide to turn her upside down so that she can die quickly.

After 30 minutes I went back to check on her but she still breathing, then I put more water and put her inside the water again three times before she died ok.

I didn't feel bad for killing my child I feel so happy for killing her because it's better for me to be in jail that to live  outside suffering, So I decide to surrender myself to police.


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