A young lady of 16 years old known as Vivian Emesaraonye Dimgba has been saved from men who trying to rape her on her way home.

The news has been taking to Facebook, on her way home she get attack with a big stick and her money got stealing by them.

She got saved by some good Nigerian what damned all the consequences and helped her.

It would  have been a different story in her life, she was got interviewed and she said, 

"On my way home, i got a phone call from a highly revered friend, he was the person we  leveraged on his military connections to apprehend those men who were using the municipal vehicle to rob and rape girls in Owerri and was hand over to SARS.

 Apparently this friend was on his way home, when he noticed a scuffle by the side of the road, He thought at first it was a couple related iasue.

But on closer look he saw that men was hitting the woman with a large stick on her head.

It looked more like she was being assaulted, it was a lonely part of  place, in that same moment he was also trying to snatch her bag.

He succeeded and look towards there i saw Sir Chima's vechicle , then the woman was ready crying and screaming helplessly from the injury she sustained to struggle.

Sir Chima sent  his orderly  down, while he drove round to the end of the river to wait for the assailant who jumped into the river  nearby and tried to swim across he also called the police commissioner for more police reinforcement.

They came and ransacked the area and finally  apprehended him, they along with those who were hiding him. They were obviously his accomplices and are also northerners residing there.

The woman had a large sum of money in her bag along with her pvc and her phone, all of which he took during the struggle.

Now what inspired sir chima, a renowned international businesman of great social standing with connections stretching from here to almost every corner of the world to  go after a criminal.

In the dead of the night risking his own life without care for his own security at that moment you might be  wondering.

I like to think we inspired him the night we went after those criminals raping and robbing girls in the municipal, i like to think that he realised that even through we can't save everyone but we can change and influence his little corner in the world.

But my friend and i has zero tolerance to violence against women in whatever form it's,but imagine if sir Chima didn't chance on the women at the moment of the he did,maybe by now it will be more than a robbery.

Maybe rape and murder might been thrown on her at the spot, we have generally lost our humanity,but i am thankful that. honorable men still  walk on this earth.

Now they will be charged to court accordingly and trying to rape.