best dogs for security 2020

A boxer 

Best breed that is good for protection,
Dogs are good to have for protection from evil attack, many people believe that dogs are the first animals to be domesticated by man. Great and action dogs are have been long used to protect human.

Security dogs will always be with you and obey your words, security dogs are not good in looking but have an ultimate intelligence than normal dogs. Now many people love to have security/Guard dogs and dogs are more loyal to human being than order animals.

Now talking about best security/ Guard dog, recently there are different kinds of security dogs breeds that you can own to guard you and your family. 


doberman pinscher is a kind of breed that has a medium sized of body and built with muscular, it has a long head and also show like a blunt wedge.

In 1890s Doberman pincher is well known as a police dog in Germany, because it well intelligent and always in action and has continues to serve to this day. It love to have some exercise with human and a very dangerous dog.

Doberman is a quite sensitive to cold weather and require sufficient protection in winter, and also a very popular because of their sweet personality and they only lives for 10 to 14 years.


It well known as a silent watchdog , since 1920s it well known as purebred breed and between English Mastiff and Bulldog.This is a kind of breed that are good in tracking, mcarting and therapy work, it always has a red and  brindle color.

It a breed that is loyal to it families and has its strength and well courageous, male bullmastiff is well good for tackling and has a human of larger size with a weighs of 150 pounds. It a breed that follow it commands from human and love to be in training in unlike ways, it live for 7 or 8 years before it dies.


Rottweiler is a very intelligent and committed by nature, this is a type of dog that generally found unfriendly to strangers  and it a well great in action. They are quick learner and very strong dog also moves rapidly with compare with other dogs.

It a dog with medium large that is longer than its tall with a powerful and significant built, it  a dog that love to receive enough exercise and can perform heavy duty tasks such as pulling heavy carts on trekking over large distances on search and rescue missions. The male height is 24-27 inches and the female is 22-25 inches, it a dog that lives for 9- 10 years.


German shepherd is a well intelligent dog that is highly honored and well acknowledged for military works or police dogs, it has a furry force and originally spawned to herd sheep.  It well famous in American known for its versatile and it capable works extremely loyal and protective to their owners.

German shepherd has a body structure of Alsatian highlights of solidness and a very depth without volume, it mostly found in red/ back and tan/black color, it an obedient , strong, good in tasking and also well intelligent. The male German shepherd size is 24-26 inches and female German shepherd is 22-26 inches and they only survive for 7-10 years.


This is well a medium size in dog and square in Muzzle, very strong and bite to hang on large prey. Boxer is one of the best dogs that has large body and big head. They only need easy traning for guide for the blind people. 

It well powerful naturally and good in protection, they earned little reputation of being willful that can be correlated with incompatible in training . it one of the working group that was engendered from the old English bulldog and also present bullenbeisser,  this Breed is a very energatic and playful. They are quiet and protective which is one of the perfect choice for families, they are most found in fawn, white and Brindle in color the male height is 22-25 inches and weight is 30-34kg while the female  height is 1-24 inches and  weight is 23-27 kg . they survival for 9-10 years.


 This is a great action dogs that is Been used serving as a police dog, and has been used for a large numbers of functions herding cattle, guarding brewers and herding cattle. This is a very bond dog with their owner especially with children, but without enough activity their side could be revealed and it bad for children.

It a very powerful dog and strong by personality, it needs a training with mental and physical encouragement and well loyal to their owner. Giant Schnauzer is well found in Black or salt and pepper color, the male height is 26-28 inches while weight is 27-36kg and the female height is 23-26 inches while weight is 25-34kg. They only  survive for 12-15 years .


This is breed that is very tall in height amd runs faster than other breeds, it a great fighter quick tempered and obey the command of the owner. Dane is an obedient dog, they always love to be with children and people, they don't move or bark aggressively towards any human unless they are trained for that.

 Dane are always known as world biggest lapdog with good soicalization and also  brave and protective, Dane can only be found in fawn, brindle, blue , black, Mantle and Harlequin. The male height of a Dane is 30-34 inches while the weight is 54-90kg and the female Height of a Dane is 28-32 inches while the weight is 45-59kg, they only survive for 6-12 years.