The best  top online business or work that pays more than an office work in a month.

Now talking about an online business that  pays more than office work, we list Blogging , bitcoin trading , Forex trading.

Some of online users are been trying to find ways on how to make money online with their phone,  laptops or computer. Now crackedgist has launched  the best  top online business that will give you money more than office business.


What is a blog
A blog can be defined as a discussion  of information website published on the world wide web consisting of discrete, It often informal style text post.

A blog can be know  by an individual or a small group even a company, many big corporations have adopted blogging as a means to producing content marketing.

Blogging gives  you or your company an opportunity to create article that is different to  business, we can create blog to shared your experience,  to be an online journalist or to make money online.

In a blog there are main specific things that make up a blog, like post titles,  subhearding, images, body post, your post Goals, unique information, your closing  and many more.

 Some of the unknown internet users are asking what is the benefit of having a  blog, did people make money on blogging or did their spend money or waste time on blogging.

Now we'll give you some reason why blogging are important, and how you can make money and more money on blogging and how you can make $1 million in a year within blogging.


For Educating your audience: with a blog you can educates your audience or your views, internet users early far and wide to find answers to their question, with blog you can help you views to find answers to their problems.

INCREASE BUSINESS GOALS: By building a blog SEO strategy your right customers searching for answers to question in your niche find you. You can place an advertising in your blog to earn money and get paid every months e.g google adsence, media.net and so on, there are many advertising company you can use your blog to make money. It depend on the one you choose .


Whats is bitcoins: bitcoin is the one of the world largest cryptocurrency, that was made on January 2009 following the housing market crash,   it also a digital currency and is not a government issued currency.

The master that made bitcoins it still unknown, bitcoins don't have any physical coins. It only balances kept on a public ledger than everyone has transparent access to, all bitcoins transactions is  been controled by a  massive amount of computing power. Bitcoins not work with any banks or own by any country of government.

How do bitcoins work.

Bitcoin work with peer to peer technology to facilitate instant payments, and it the first digital currency to make use of peer-peer. Any companies or individual that trade on bitcoins  are comprised of nodes or miners and some people who makes the transactions on the blockchain are motivated by rewards  and transaction fees paid in bitcoin.

 Bitcoin miners can be thought as the decentralized authority enforcing the credibility of the bitcoin network, bitcoin is been released to the miners at a fixed. But periodically declining rate.

bitcoins work with over 21 million currently, there are roughly 3 million bitcoins which have yet  to be mined.


Forex: can be defined as an foreign exchange  that buy or sells currency between each other at an agreed price, it also a means by which individuals or companies and central banks convert one currency into another .

 Much of amounts of currency converted everyday can make price movements of some currenecies extremely volatile, the volatile that can be make forex so interested in trading are bringing about a greater chance of high profits while also move to a risk parts .


In forex exchange it run over a global network of banks, spread across four major forex trading centre in a different time Zones like New York, Sydney,Tokyo and also London.

In forex. they are three different type of forex market:

Spot forex market: this is a type of physical exchange of a currency pair, that takes place at the exact point the trade is set.

 Future forex market: this is a contract that agreed to buy and sell on a set amount of a given currency at a set price and Date in  forward.

Forward forex market: it a contract that agreed to buy or sell a set of amount of a currency at a specific price or rate.


Talking about D trading  it is a gobal service with a large number of client that rate on product and services supply  to a very large number of clients mostly in Egypt especially on the oil and Gas sector.