Bobrisky lies to his father about his changed identity as he visited him on his birthday celebration.

The news was reported by the chairman of the National Union of Road Transport workers in Isolo-Ejigbo branch B known as Alhaji  Bashir femi Olowu reveal how bobrisky lied to his father about his changed identity.

Alhaji Musibau Okuneye who is the father to the Nigeria most popular cross-dresser ( Bobrisky), he told his father that his feminine dressing was to act theatre on social media only.

But his father was still in the dark about the real identity of his son as he dressed like a man to his father birthday celebration which was held at his residence in Ejigbo last week.

Alhaji bashir also said that his father was not happy about his son dressing like a woman on social media,Olowu whose his image with bobrisky in a photos taken at his father birthday exposed on social media saying, he is  also tried to convince bobrisky  to changed his way and stop acting like a woman. But seemed not to see anything wrong in what is doing.

 But bobrisky didn't like to changed way rather continue to present false identity to his father and that was why he dressed like a man on his father birthday party.

Olowu also described bobrisky father as a good man and is a responsible father who has been living in Ejigbo seems 1995, he does not know what his son was doing out there because what the boy told him is that he dressed like a lady on social media.

Because he was an artiste and that the dressing was only for theater purpose, and it was the first time in so many years bobrisky paid his father a visit to his house to celebrate with him on his birthday.


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