Firefox preview nightly add a new switch tab for android device, firefox has been working  a revamped browser on android  for long time 

Now the new firefox preview work was open up and also launch a year ago and the mozilla firefox was still  pending and hasn't finalized what all features it intends to roll via the stable build.

Now the firefox preview nightly was the first stage of experimentation on Android and has been the addition of a new tab switcher with a sheet bottom.

The new lastet preview night was update chamges how you can access open tabs, the browser saw you tap on the tabs button next to the address bar at the bottom to accord the new tab pages.

The new update introduce a botton sheet that you can now pops up every time you tap the tabs button, all your open tabs in the space both the private ones  and regular ones you will see them.

With this new update you can add a new tab by tapping the + sign icon at the bottom right, you can also close existing tabs by tapping the x sign icon on a tab in either direction .

By tapping the dots icon at the top right of the sheet lets you save all open tabs in a single collection, it will come in handy if you are researching for a project.