Unknown Facebook user issued her former boyfriend to apologize to her on public for touching her bomb when she is sleeping.

From the news update, the incident happen so may years ago, when their are still serving their father land ( youth copper).

Iphie Alfred know as the lady and justice chimaoke Nzeabuike known as the boyfriend,she  demanded an pubic apology from him on social media( Facebook).

The lady gave him 48hrs to apologize to publicly on Facebook for the atrocity he committed against her few years ago.

Justice ( the Guy) saw the post on Facebook  and commented on the comment section to explain his own part of the story.

He said ::" The incident happened  over five years ago when am still serving as a youth copper, my roomate invited her over. They has issues somewho afterwards and she was traveling back asking me for Tfee, i was Wrong of trying to ask her for intimacy im exchange for the Tfee. She was more matured than i was so there  was no force applied but later that same year i apologized to her on my Facebook which is not working anymore.

She snubbed me there and i thought it's, i don't have ur time something girls do. Until today when she brought up the issue, i still apologized and am still apologizing.

She later saw the comment and also drop her own story again, According to her, she claimed she don't have any Issues with Tony. She was asleep at that night when justice began for fondle her boobs.

She also drop some old chat for them, where he was busy calling her names.

She also claimed that for justice to touch her body without her constant, that he s*xually abused her,

Then justice went back and published a post  and apologize to her for everything