Lagos state will soon run out of isolation center said by lagos state Government,To be record over 200 to 300 positive cases of coronavirus in a day.

From the news report the speed increasing of numbers of positive cases of coronavirus in the state, is only moderate to servere cases will be managed at the isolation centers.

In an interview with a journalist in lagos state on Friday, the lagos state commissioner for health prof Akin Abayomi insisted the modalities for the community based home based care will be defined as to who qualifies to be managed at home and who will be managed at the isolation facility.

From now on the need for introducing the home based care within a week or two , he also said that the community home based management will be introduced to Lagos to reserve the isolation center for the critically ill.

We will  be operating  from the primary healthcare centers (PHC) and will decide who qualified to be managed at home or at isolation center.

 From the being managed at home will  be home adequate, a person feeling unwell or having pretty-existing medical condition or having a bad difficulty on breathing.

The person will run the test of coronavirus and will be determine where, the commissioner stated that though there are plans to recruit more man power there are volunteers who are being trained at the moment  and will be deployed for the home care management for a week or more.

 For the mild cases who will be managed at home, we will send our volunteers works deployed for that purpose will visit them and will ensure they have regular consultation through our telemedicine online care.

 We'll give enough information to the masses on their safety as well as that of their families and neighbors during the period.