Reasons why raping rain in Nigerian this nowadays, and find why teenager girls are easily falling in the hands of the r*pist.

Some weeks ago, some of Nigerians are complaining on raping case, and bloggers are busy updating on r*ping cases every blessed day.

Now we Crackedgist have made some research and have interview some Nigerians youths upon the r*ping cases that is raining in Nigerian, with some prove and words we have gathered so far. We have come to share it to our internet users.


Rape ÷ is the act of s*xual intercourse with a person without his or her consent by forcing or threatening with force. In jurisdictions the act of rape has been subsumed under that of s*xual assault.

Rape was long considered to be caused by unbridled s*xual desire, but it is now understood as a pathological assertion of power over a victim.


Two years ago  been 2018 a private school supervisor known as lekan Idowu r*pe two years old girl that was handed over to him to look over.

Now this years the raping case began to rain, with what we have heard from some of Nigerian youths. we can say the rate of r*ping case in Nigerian is because of this coronavirus lockdown.

Like in Nigerian we have men that can't sleep without have s*x with someone in a day, so for government to lockdown the country with no movement no going and coming back everybody indoor. A kind of man can't live so he many involved in r*ping anyone his see.

Like on Tuesday been 2 June 2020, A 22 years old girl was r*pe and murdered inside RCCG church in Benin city by unknown men .

2-years-old-girl-rape-and-murdered inside RCCG church in Benin city.

The lady identified as Vera Uwaila Omozuwa, a 22 years old microbiology student of UNIBEN.

Late two was a church security guard found Uwa as she is known unconscious in a pool of blood according to the news,

The horrible one is a university student attack inside church has horrified many in Nigerians in a deeply religious country, and the federal police Abuja have launched an investigation amid an avalanche of  calls from rights groups public figures and government official demand.


Why some of Nigerian Teenager young girls falls in the hands of R*pist in Nigerian, Dressing, you will see a Nigerian young girl dressing half n*ked and attending to night n*ked club. For a man to see a lady that dress half n*ked at night walking on road he will lose control and r*pe her.

Then all blame will be put upon the man, but talking about the cause the lady that dress half night at night is the cause. Because she supposed cover her body well why walking or attending to anywhere at night to avoid raping.

Another cause that will make a young girls got r*pe is mother should stop allowing their young girl to be hacking on street, because for her to be lone hacking to sell goods on street can cause r*ping.

So talking about what's the cause of r*ping in Nigerian, we think coronavirus lockdown is one of the biggest case, because for a man that cannot sleep without having s*x with a lady been lockdown for one months and some weeks with out having s*x can rape a child in street with nothing.