The Nigerian famous cross-dresser known as Bobrisky has drop some many stunning photos of him on his Instagram.

Now crackedgist has create most of his stunning pictures and most s*xy pictures of him.

Talking about bobrisky, he is one of the most famous and popular cross-dresser in African that has many investment and beauty studio in Nigerian.

Now some of his fans has been trying to get some of his most  stunning pictures and video also, now crackedgist has create some of his most s*xy pictures for you.

We'll know that some of Nigerians hate him because of him changing his image in the name of beauty, he is been know as an actor and also a makeup artist with unique work.

In the world of beauty, count on him cause he got it all over, now let look at some of his stunning and most s*xy pictures of him.

Okay let discuss more on his work when he talk about makeup artist, bobrisky was created and born into this world as a man.

From when he was growing he hate himself as a man, then decide to change his image as a women. As we'll know late Michael Jackson did by changing his color.

 Reason why Bobrisky change his image because he don't like the world of man, but he love to be a women with fresh skin, always looking beautiful.

Then he decides to changed himself,some of Nigerian are saying his is a homos*xual but he denied it, because viewing his action how he is been  rocking with rich men and politician.

But with all this he have money and many investment and his do move in high class people but nobody have the evidence of him been a homos*xual. Okay let look at the rest of his s*xy picture below.


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