A 26 years old man known as shagbada Erigga  has been arrested for killing his girlfriend, known as happiness Winifred after she refused to have s*x with him.

According to the reports, the Oyo state commissioner of police, mr chuks Enwonwu told the newsmen today that the murderer known as Erigga  invited his girlfriend who is a mother of three to his home to spend a night with him on June 21.

They got into a heated argument after she refused to have s*x with him, he punched her three time she slumped and died and then he dumped her body inside a well in the OJoo area in Ibadan.

Mr Agu Benson who is a resident of Oritoke Area went to fetch water from the well and saw a death body and reported it to the Ojoo police  station and they began an investigation.

When interrogated, , Shagbada Confessed to the crime but said he accidentally killed her, 

Erigga said: on that day of the incident, we were showering together and i asked her the reason she has been denying me for s*x, she was raising her voice on me and i slapped her and to my surprise she slapped  back and i gave her just three blows on her mouth and another one on her neck.

When i discovered that she has died i quickly carried her body and threw her inside a well in my compound because o was afraid and i didn't want people to suspect me that i responsible for her death.

But a few days later, her body was discovered by my neighbor who wanted to fetch from the well and he reported the case to the police and i was arrested.

I don't mean to kill her, she used to be my girlfriend and she had told me that she is a runs girl. That she already had three kids and i  said no problem.

I promised to take her as my wife before that incident came between us.

Some of her things was recovered from him, including bag, phone, a pair of underwear a slippers, a pack of condoms and a key.