A deaconess known as Mrs Iyema Oyemola Oyewole has been arrested for burning 14 years old girl (princess) vagina and butt after applying pepper in kuduna state.

According to the story, Princess who is 14 years old girl lived with her parents in kaduna until they were separated by a bandits following an attacks in their community. 

And princess parents place her in the hand of Mrs Iyema Oyemola Oyewole who is a deaconess of living Faith Church in Barnawa as they didn't want her to be homeless, she was living with the deaconess, princess was subjected to torture from the deaconess and from her children after her husband got blind.

She was stopped  from going to school, she was also push to toilet as her bedroom and  drink water from the toilet when thirsty and she was always beaten badly by them.

The deaconess son always punishes her and beats, sometimes under the rain, it was also  alleged that the daughters of the deaconess help hold her whenever the woman wants to beat her. Princess was tortured badly to the extend that she put a knife on fire till its hot before using it to burn her all over her face.

Some of her photos show her with burns and sears all over her face, butt and vagina parts, it was reported that the deaconess also used lighter to burns her vagina sometimes put a hot stick into her vagina while her daughters help her hold her legs open wild and also apply pepper into her vagina.

Whenever her parents showed up, she will be refused her parents to see her each time they want, because she didn't want them seeing the injuries over her body and she will told them they couldn't come in because of coronavirus.

Unfortunately her father became suspicious and got the NGOs involved, they were shocked at the state they finally saw her, after she was arrested and was questioned she said she didn't know the fire she used to torture her was that hot.

Th story was shared on facebook by Juliet Ocheze as said :

This is the most unbelievable, a story of child abuse i've come in contact with so far. The picture of the girl here is that of a young girl named princess.

She is 14 years old from kuturah in kajuru local government area of kadua state, her father moved his  family to kaduna town when the neighboring village was attacked by the forces killing. You should know that in southern kaduan we have over fifteen thousand internally displaced persons, and since they don't have a camp those in the city centers have  accommodated  these people.

Mrs yemi Awolola  is a church deaconess with the living faith church barnawa, she lived with five children.  She begged for princess to come and stay with them, the father them handover princess to her, the woman even used holy water when he handed his daughter to the woman.

He  through she was a good christian woman, a month later he called to speak with his daughte, but the woman said he must speak with her in english and not in Hausa.

She knew the girl would can't speak english, she would now put the girl on the speakout monitor her, but the girl was sleeping in the toilet all these while with not even a wrapper.

The woman gave her a cup and told her that whenever she is feeling thirsty she should fetch water from the toilet and drink, in the interview video clip. You hear the girl said, they would now give me leaves like an aniaml,  while im the toilet before the girl would come out to work her ass off.

The father said. "i did not collect or want any money from the woman, all that o wanted  to be was for my daughter  to go to school. But in reality for the past one year princess has gone to school just a week, why did you go to school just once? And she replied "the woman opened my bag one week after i commenced  school and saw a carrot that i had put inside my bag to eat during break and she beat the living daylight out of me.

Since then she stopped me from going to school, check the Scars on her face?the women puts a kinfe on a burner or stove and when it's hot. She would place it on her face and her face used to be very swollen. When the parents insisted on seeing  her, she refused to let anyone have access to the girl.

But her mother went there some months ago to see the girl, it was raining and she stay for three hours, Mrs Oyewole refused to let her see her daughter. She told her she would not allow her into the house because she does not want the woman to bring coronavirus into the house.

When the mother refused to leave, she opened the gate for her and let her see the daughter from the gate of the house, she told her, you can see your daughter is that right? Now leave my house! The grains that the woman brought for the family, the woman instantly gave it out to the security men at the gate. 

When the father was told of the inhumane treatment, he then suspected that something was worng, he made contact with the relevant people on how to get his daughter back but every affor proved  unsuccessful. The woman told them  that the girl was in Abuja,  On Monday the uncle to the girl called the woman and warned her that she had just six hours to return the girl and here we are today.

It was then she started treating the girl with iodine and ice to dry up the wounds, Mrs Oyewole has a son who beats princes at will, punishes her even under the rain when all of these happens, the husband  locks himself in his room and pretends like nothing is happening.

Her children Tito and Nifemi would hold the girl's neck while their mother would burn her buttocks and vagina with fire, They hold her down while the mother put a stick into her vagina at the same time burning the vagina.

They also put pepper the vagina and over the wounds, when she was asked by the police station, why did you treat the girl so  and she replied "i didn't know the fire was burning very well like that.

Her church had settled the case, but luckily Alheri Magaji and the rest have got other NGOs involved, living Faith Kaduna. You owe kaduna samuela whom you all said carried a bomb into your church meanwhile it was stolen fire crackers? You almost set kaduna state on fire with your  conduct.

You never came out to address whole issue, to date  i believe Nath is still in  incarceration. he was your church member albeit a mentally  challenged one.

I did my investigation, i got threats and insults were i revealed the whole story to date and nobody has said anything.  The church i Nigeria is as culpable as anyone else, you settled this case and wanted that girl back to that woman's home?