The Nigerian president, Buhari  has praise a Nigerian man known as Ikenna Nweke who returned a wallet full of money he found on the street in Japan to the owner.

According to the reports, Ikenna is a PHD student  in University of Tsukuba and also a teacher in same university.

He said on 19th of june, on my way home around 7pm i wanted to buy keba for my wife. When i approached the shop the center i saw a purse and i picked it up, i opened it and it was contained with a very huge amount of money and a queen cards and other important things.

I was sure that the owner will be looking for the wallet, i was sure the owner was heartbroken then i took the money to the police station, on getting to the police station.

The police officer asked me why i didn't take the money, i told him i was raised by a decent family and that my faith as a Christian forbaded from taking anything.

Then i handed over everything to him and he took my information and everything about me and then told me about my rights as a somebody who has found something that was missing.

 He then told me that i was entitled to 10 percent of the money and that if the owner of the  money doesn't come to pick the money after three months,that the whole money will be mine.

Both offers were rejected by me, so because am a Christian. I rejected those officers because i was raised by a very decent family, i rejected those officers because I'm a Nigerian.

Here is a massage for every Nigerian that should maintain and protect the image of our nation wherever we are, Especially those diaspora, we are the Nigeria people know when we do something bad abroad it reflects on the image of the nation.

 This is a message for non-Nigerian who think that every Nigerian is  a criminal, Nigerain is a country of about million people and wonderful people.

There are some criminal elements im Nigeria, i must admit and these criminal elements are found in every part of the world.

Criminal elements are just tiny fraction, they do not represent who they are, they do not speak for us. They are not a  true reflection of who Nigerians are.

 A statement was released on 4 by Femi Adesina(special Adviser on media and Publicly) as president Buhari applauded Nweke  and contenetment.

He said in the statement:"president Muhammadu buahri sends warm greetings and commendation to a Nigerian doctorate student in University of TSUKUBA  in japan (Mr ikenna Nweke) who returned a missing wallet with huge sums  of money to the police and also turned down offer of percentage by the authoritiies.

President buhari salutes Nweke for projecting the values of honesty integrity and contentment that should be the hallmark of a people noting that good virtues and property are the hallmark of  every culture in Nigeria.

While crimes and criminalities are exceptions, The president believes Nweke behavior coming at a period that the country needs a positive spotlight and close up on its real values, clearly signposts what should hold the nation together, inspired by soild foundation laid by most families, religious bodies and communities for Success in life.

President buhari wishes Nweke all the best in his studies and work as a teaching assistant in same school, urging all Nigerians home and abroad to keep celebratiing the age old irreplaceable attributes of honesty and decorum and  shun the microwaved get rich quick tendenicies that bring individual and collective shame".