The president of South Africa introduced a new restrictions by stop sales and distribution of Alcohol in South Africa to reduce the spread of Coronavirus in the country.

According to the news, the wearing of nose masks outdoors has made compulsory in the country, as the results of coronavirus increasing more than 10,000 cases for several days and the latest daily increase was 13,500 cases.

Speaking with the nationally television on Sunday night been 12 July, he said "in the midst of our national effort to fight against this virus there are a number of people who have taken to organising parties, who have been drinking alcohol and some walk around in crowded spaces without nose masks.

He also said, the top health officials have warned of impending shortages of hospital beds and oxygen as south Africa reaches a peak of Coronavirus cases.

Some hospital have to turn away patients because all their beds are full, according to the record south Africa counts for 40 percent of all the confirmed cases in Africa with 276,242.

An increase of 12,058 in a day has recorded 4,079 deaths, 25 percent of which have been in the past week. While the surge of infections has been expected, the force and the speed with which it has progressed has quite understandably caused great concern.

He also said "May of us are fearful of the danger that presents for ourselves and for our families, south Africa has rapid increase in Covid-19 cases and has made it one of the world's centres for COVID-19.

As it is ranked as the 9th country most affected by the disease , 40 percent of all the confirmed cases in Africa with 276,242,while deaths results from Coronavirus have risen to more than 4,000 in South Africa.