Stanlay omah Didia  famously known as Omah lay is a Nigerian fast rising artist from Port Harcourt.

Omah lay is one of the best fast rising artist in Nigeria, who basically sing afro pop music. According from his story his grandfather was a percussionist for the legendary highlife singer celestine Ukwu.

He death in the year 1976, so his father took up drumming though didn't make it to the level of his father, but he was known as a musical hero in his town.

Now omah lay took over his father to keep the music alive in their line age, all his music is well deeply Afro music with so many meaning .

Omah lay is a music producer, a song writer and a music singer. Most of all his music track was  producer  by himself, his sounds is well known is Nigeria and Africa of recent. 

His first song was dropped last year been 2019 title DO NOT DISTURB ME and his made 600,000 streams on all platforms. Now his EP was dropped on may 21th 2020 and he has already made 20,000,000 streams in all platform.

He has been tipped by Native Mag on their. March episode of fresh artist to look out in 2020.

Now talking about of his recent EP which was trending on Nigerian now. upon the pandemic period he is still making a hit with his music on social platforms.


We know so many of his fans and lover ladies  are been asking if omah lay had a girlfriend, the answer is YES but not yet revealed. 

He is still hiding who is his girlfriend to his fans, but still keep checking on This blog to know who is his girlfriend.

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You need to fix your write-up. Too many grammatical errors. It's overly exhausting to read