A pregnant woman chopped of her husband penis, as her brother-in-law released why she did so .

According to the medical doctor who took to twitter on July 1 2020 to shared that an 8 month pregnant woman used knife kitchen to cut off her husband penis after a long quarrel.

On the details, the incident happened early on Wednesday morning been 1 July 2020, in Tella a village in Gassol local government area of Taraba state. The woman known as Halima Umar who is 32 years old and her husband known as Aliyu Umar was sleeping in the same room with his first wife when she woke up around 2 am mind night and cut off his penis said by Usman his younger brother.

He also said that the wife drugged Aliyu Umar before they went to bed which made her able to cut off his penis without him resistant.
Halima is the first wife of his brother and there have been serious crises between Halima and her husband simce he took a second wife about three years ago, Halima had continued to engage my brother and his new wife in fights since their marriage about three years ago.

He also said the victim was rushed from Tella about 105 kilometers from the headquarter to the federal medical center in jalingo for medical attention.

He. was then referred from FMC jalingo to the federal Medical center Gombe a neighbouring state, Halima was immediately arrsted by the police i Tella village and transfered to the police divisional headquarters i. Mutum in Gassol local government.