17 years old boy identified as Rocky Marciano Price has been sentenced to  life imprisonment,  for been guilty for the death of his teacher identified as Ms Lindsay Birkbeck and n&ked her body In a waste bin.

According to the news, he killed Ms Lindsay and n&ked her lifeless body in a waste bin and buried her in a shallow grave at a cemetery in Accrington.

He was sentenced to jail on Friday 14th of August by preston Crown court, after he was found guilty of murder on Wednesday, the court agreed that Rocky price intended to kill the mum of two children in the woods in Accrington lancashire in August 2019.

According to the court ruling, he must serve a minimum of 16 years in custody, in court documents. Price attacked Mrs Birbeck in the woods close to her home placed her body in plastic bags and later moved her body in the waste bin to Accrington cemetery where he buried her in a shallow grave.

Twelve days after she went missing, a huge search by police and members of the community discovered her lifeless body inside two plastic  bags on  August 24 2019. According to court , Mrs Birkbeck has gone for an evening walk to a nearby wooden area on August 12 2019.

Her daughter identified as Sarah and her boyfriend start raising alarm bells when they noticed she didn't return home, her body was later found N&ked and heavily decomposed in the Cemetery by a dog  walker identified as Morgan Parkinson.

Morgan's pet started sniffing at the bushes and when he went closer he stood on something and squishy and he smelt a horrible smell, police later identified the decomposed body as Mrs Birkbeck from her dental records.

Rocky admitted to prosecutors that he dragged the bin carrying her lifeless body but claimed he was not involved in her death.

He stated, "A  mystery man had approached him in the area with the promise of a large cash reward if he disposed of the body, later footage was released to the media on August 27 of 2019 showing how he pull the waste bin.

He was identified the shocked school teachers and later arrested by police.

Judge Mrs justice Yip told the court, this was a dreadful crime which understand that generated strong police interest, the public will naturally want to know who this person was as they come to terms with something that rocket the local community.

The home office pathologist who carried out a post mortem examination severe compression  force seemed to have been used on her neck, which could have been dome in several ways including through stamping or kicking on the front of the neck.

The post mortem examination concluded the cause of death was neck injuries, when the verdict was announced.

Price showed no emotion as he appeared via video  link due to the Covid-19 pandemic, even his parents did not show any emotion as he was sentenced to life imprisonment today at the hearing.