Femi-fani Kayode has made his own statement over the Daily Trust newspapers statement released condemning him for clashing with one of their reporters identified as Eyo Charles during a press conference in calabar on 20th of August 2020.

According to his statement he said, the truth is that Daily Trust sent one of their reporter to insult me, but probably with their support and knowledge and more likely he was paid to do it.

He also said, i challenge the TRUST to come out  with any evidence to the contray for claiming he was physically threatened, i can only said that i do wish him any ill and that as far as i am concerned this matter is closed.



The Trust Newspaper, in their column titled "FANI-KAYODE'S ATTACK ON DAILY TRUST REPORTER:OUR STAND,  has indulged in lies, deceit, double standards and falsehood and written absolute crap, To put it mildly their claims are not only outrageous but also downright asinine. The truth is that their reporter was sent to insult me, probably with their support and knowledge and more likely than not he was paid to do it. If it is true that he actually asked a question other than the insulting assertion that i attributed to him in my earlier statement they should produce the video clip of their question, there were over 30 journalists in the room and none of them can produce a clip of where he asked any questions. He said only one thing and made only me assertion which was the following "well we do not. know who is bankrolling you", that is all he said and outside of that he said NOTHING.  I challenge the Trust to come out with any evidence to the contrary, as regards their claim that he was physically their claim that he was physically threatened again it is a lie from the pit of hell, I told him that if he tried such a thing ever again i would tell him off even harder than i was doing at the time after which he apologized and the matter was closed. Outside of that i bear him no malice, if anyone approached or threatened him after the press conference as he has claimed it had nothing to do with me or my staff. I did not send anyone to do so and neither do i believe in or indulge in physical threats or violence , if any of my staff ever did such a thing i would sack him on the spot on i see the evidence. Given all that i cannot he held responsible for the safely of this rude young man becausei do not know what he does Or who else he may insulted, robbed, cheating or offended. I do not know whether he is a thief, a murderer, a rogue, a dumpster, a Yahoo boy or one of those morally bankrupt and shameful men. I do not know who may be after him if anyone at all and neither do i care. His present or future travails, if any have absolutely nothing to do with me. I can only say that i do not wish him any ill and that as far as i am concerned this matter is closed, i reported him to his boss who i have known for many years and respect, Alhaji Yusuf Kabir and that was it. As for the management of Daily Trust Newspaper and it's editors you should bury your heads in shame, not only are you a bunch of liars but you have no decenecy self respect. If you were human beings you would have first asked my side of the story before going to press. This is especially so since i had already say reported the matter to your publisher, To that i pose a risk to any of your staff's safety is not only laughable but also thoroughly irresponible, i am a man of peace and come in peace.  It would have been better for you if you asked your journalist who gave him the money to come and provoke and insult me. Clearly he and those that sent him on this mission impossible got for more than they ever bargained for and i am more than happy with that. I mean it from the bottom of my heart when i say may God  judge you for your dirty lies End of Story.