Four dangerous land grabbers has been arrested for robbery mayfair Garden in ibeju lekki in Lagos.

According to the news, the suspects are Rasheed Odetola, John Zion, Damilare Salami and Adeboye Dayo were arrested by men of the special Anti-Robbery squad (SARS) on Saturday with made pistol, four unexpended cartridges and a stolen phone.

After they were arrested during fight with some men, they denied of being armed robbers and staying that they are land thugs. One of the suspects identified as Rasheed Odetola said "it is true that the gun was found with us and we're land grabbers thugs".

"We use the gun to protect ourselves against our opponents, but i don't know what caused the clash. I only saw three of them beating one of us and we cannot fold our arms and allow them to beat him, after we were separated by some elders in the community one of the boys started shouting that we took his phone.

After searching us, the Tecno phone was recovered from one of us, we were later taken to Elomloro police station,we were searched at the station and a local made gun were found in us.

One of the suspect Zion also said he picked the phone from the floor during the fight,