Sad news as flood takeover Gashu'a the headquarters of Bade local Government Area of Yobe state also the hometown of the Nigerian Senate president known as Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan over the heavy downpour in Yobe state.

According to the news, the raining season is gradually becoming a burden they have to contend with every year, as they consistently live in agony as a result of perennial heavy downpour.

The agony is always exacerbated during the raining season with the consistent downpour resulting in the submerging of the public infrastructures especially township roads.

Thereby severing some parts of the community from the others, personal property are equally not spared as the perennial flood bares its fangs annually.

Anytime it rains our dilapidated roads become flooded, we will be cut off from the rest of the town. Year in, year out, we continue to record huge economic loss. It is unbelievable that number three citizen in Nigeria is currently in deep distress, as an anonymous.

 It was also recorded that a move was recently made by the senate President to facilitate the conatruction of an 8-kilometre road in the town, but many criticised the effort saying it is grossly insufficient. According to the last census, Gashu'a has a population of 125, 000.

The recent records showed that the ancient town is also on the Yobe River, a few miles below the convergence of the Hadejia River and Jama River and its average elevation is about 299 meters.

Some of the reasons why the town is battling with perennial flooding every year little effort made by authorities concerned to suspect the case.