Actor Williams Uchemba Celebrate His Birthday As He Turns 32-Years-Old.


The Nigerian Actor, Millennial African Entrepreneur, Real Estate Developer, Young CEO and Executive Producer known as Williams Uchemba Celebrate his birthday as he turns 32 years old today been 22nd October.

According to the news, Actor Williams Who shared the news on his Instagram page as he Thank God for his life

He Wrote:

Heavenly Father, as you have granted me access into the 32nd chapter of my life, I pray you lead me through the path that you have set before me Oh Lord. Establish your council in my life and lead me through the path of righteousness. Let your Will be my ambition and and let that which is in your heart be what I chase after. Please don’t take me anywhere you  won’t follow me to, because  I would rather be in the remotest of village with you than in the Palace of a king without you. 

Do not allow my mouth to say what you have not asked me to say, do not allow my feet my go where you have not asked me to  go and help me to always identify wolfs in sheep’s clothing. I ask for wisdom knowledge and understanding to help me execute your Will in my life and the life of others. 

Help me to have love and empathy for others in a world where there is little of it. Help me to be selfless and contented with that which you have given me. Let me always be after the things that matters and not things that won’t count for me at the end. Search me and remove any spirit of pride, hate and jealousy in me. 

Let your Holy Spirit never depart from me  as he is the only one that can guide me through this journey of life, Non of me and all of you  Oh Lord so that at the end let no Glory come to me but all to you. Amen.