Cardi B Asserts Not Guilty Over Assault Charges, Which she Could Face 4 Years In Prison.

The American Singer Known as Cardi B asserts not guilty over assault charges and could be face 4 years in prison following   her alleged involvement in a strip club brawl back in 2018.

According to the news, Cardi B will head to Queens Criminal Court on Oct 25 where she will be scheduled for a hearing,  the bronx native pleaded not guilty at her arraignment back in 2019 after being indicted on 12  counts including two counts of felony for attempted assault and a charge for reckless endangerment the report noted.

She is accused of orchestrating an attack on the Wattley sisters, Who were bartending at the strip club in flushing, Queens, during the incident. The sisters said the Grammy-award- Wining artist and  two of her close associates allegedly threw glass bottles and drinks at them during  their scuffle.

One sister even claimed that her head was slammed into the bar  during altercation, Court documents state that Cardi B planned the attack with two of her friends, Tawana Jackson-Morel and Jeffrey Bush over social  media  where the trio coordinated a date, time and location to  assault the bartending sisters.

Source say  the rapper allegedly Orchestrated the attack  to retaliate against one of the sister's whom she believed slept with her husband offset at the time.