Couple Discovered A Mystery Secret Room Inside Their Kitchen Cupboard,(Photos).

A lady and her boyfriend  discovered a mystery secret room in their  Kitchen cupboard  after they rent new apartment.

According to the news, The couple found the  space hidden at the back of a cupboard in the corner of their kitchen, The room has no door access.

Except the entrance from the back of the cupboard but it has a window and still appears to have some wiring and building materials left inside. 

An unnamed woman from the UK posted the incredible find on a facebook group called "Things found in walls and other hidden findings , According to Yahoo News Australia.

she wrote: " just rented a flat with my boyfriend and found a room inside our kitchen cupboard, Definitely gonna leave something weird in it for the next tenants when we move out".

Members of the group offered some theories on what the room might be for,

"I would turn it into a hide out to study or hide and eat my kids fave snacks so i wouldn't have to share with my kids, one Mum posted.