ENDSARSMEMORIAL: Police Arrested A Lady, Seized Her Phones For Holding Nigerian Flag In Lagos.


Police arrested woman identified as Blessing Iko, also seized her phones for holding Nigerian flag  in Lagos State.

According to the news, Speaking with a journalists while she is in  the police van, Blessing said the officers seized her two phones and held her in their van  for holding Nigerian flag,

she also said  that the flag was given to her by the bus conductor who asked all passengers to disembark as he approached the Lekki-tollgate where the EndSarsMemorial protest was taking place 

she continued, "i boarded a bus going to lyana Oworo from Ajah then we got to a point and the driver said they could not go further, asked us to come down and refunded money to some of us. He gave me the Nigerian flag to hold , he said  once I am with the flag i would be allowed to pass.

as i was walking, i saw these  policemen and they asked me to come inside the vehicle, they said i was protesting and collected my two phones , they said the time they gave the protesters had finished that they were supposed to end by 10am.