I Will Never Be Bullied Into A Lifestyle I Can't Afford- Uriel Responded IG User Who Told Her She Is Due To Own A Hermes Bag


The Reality Tv Star known as Uriel Oputa  responded to Instagram User who told her she is due to own a Hermes bag.

According to the news, The comment came after she dropped a video of her rocking on orange bag, the user felt that as a celebrity she needs to upgrade her bag collection with some luxury items.

The IG user wrote: "baby girl get Hermes, it's due time"

Uriel Responded:

''Let me interrupt my food post. Firstly I will never be bullied into a life style I can’t afford. I love my Zara bag which was £50 and I also own Lv bag worth £1,800 which was a gift) I also own a primark bag £8. I will never live my life for social acceptance never. Who the are you ? It’s due time? Abeg don’t keep tabs on me because tomorrow I go even buy bag from balogun Market. And yes I go still price am. 34 million on a Bag. Na fam my business mind could Never) that bag better sing Igbo Gospel songs

Period imagine the audacity

I can’t afford a Hermes bag because I’m broke, but because a Hermes bag is not my priority.

Damn we should have a choice. Hermes will come when I want not when you want.

Boo Ogiri everywhere''