UPDATES: BurnaBoy Responded Over Criticism Of His Shaved Beards.


 The Nigerian singer known as  Burna Boy has responded to criticism Over His Shaved Beards 

According to the news, Burna Boy has responded to those who have attacked his choice to chop off his trademark beards. The musician had uploaded a photo on his Instagram account revealing his decision to cut his beards.

His new look drew a lot of attention from Nigerians on social media, who thought he looked much better with the beards than without.

The Singer responded by urging his supporters to love him for who he is, not what he looks like, in an Instagram post on Sunday.

He stated in his statement that he does not want people to appreciate him for superficial reasons such as money or his signature beards or dreadlocks.

He also urged them not to push him to further cut his entire hair off. On Sunday, October 24th, 2021, he posted this on his Instagram story.

Burna Boy’s signature look has always been a thick beard and a large lock of hair. This has always been his distinguishing feature.

Although he did not take off his distinctive dreadlocks, he does appear to be a different person without facial hair and beards.

Sharing his response to the recent criticism of his shaved beards via Instagram, Burna Boy threatened to also let go of the dreadlocks.