250 Rescue workers Rescued A Man Two Days After Fallings into 902ft Deep Cave Sustaining Multiple Injuries,(Photos).

250 Rescue workers has rescued a Man two days after falling into  902ft deep cave in Wales United Kingdom.

According to the news, The man  sustained multiple injuries while caving in the Brecon Beacons on Saturday been 7th November and was there till Monday.

On Monday he was lifted to the Surface on a stretcher, as rescuers and onlookers clapped and cheered before he was taken to a waiting ambulance.

South and mid wales cave Rescue Team (SMCRT) said he fall in the Ogof Ffynnon Ddu cave system near Penwylit, powys 

Gary Evans, Emergency service liaison officer and one of  the incident controller said, "The casualty's doing remarkably well when you consider how long he's been in the cave, how long he's been in the stretcher he's doing very well indeed ".

"he being assessed at the moment and we'll know more in a short while". 

About 250 people were involved in the rescue effort, one of the rescuers identified as Peter Francis stated the man was "an Experienced fit caver and it was a matter of putting his foot in the wrong place "

Rescuers say the wet and foggy conditions in the  Brecon Beacons meant an air ambulance helicopter was unable to land, so the  man had to be moved on a stretcher by specialist crews workings in shifts 

This was the longest cave rescue Undertaken in Wales. Before now. the longest cave rescue undertaken in Wales. Before now, the longest had been a 411 hours rescue and the operation took more than 53 hours.