Former Bishop Who Resigned From catholic Church after falling in Love With Satanic P*rn Writer, Now Works As Impregnating Pigs.

Former Bishop who left from Catholic church after falling in love with a Santanic porn writer now works  as Impregnating pigs.

According to the news,  The former catholic church bishop  identified as Xavier Novell, who is  52 years-old, used to carry out exorcisms to free people suffering demonic possessions, stepping down from his senior clergy post in September 2021 after he fell in  love with a Satan porn writer.

According to Local reports, The Spanish Bishop was a student of demonology, but church colleagues were convinced he was himself possesses after giving into temptation and abandoning his vow of celibacy. now Mr. novell works  exporting pig semen, artificially inseminating pigs and even personally masturbating them.

Employer Semen cardona Specializes in the artificial insemination of pigs in Spain and overseas and Novell alleged plays a direct role in the procedure with outlet ABC reporting he will get particularly close to the animals to produce the valuable Semen.

ABC reported, "Bishop Novell will work masturbating the pigs", Novell and Sylvia caballol's whirlwind romance resulted in the  Bishop's swift resignation from the Church after he said they slept together.

Psychologist caballol is the author of the Hell of Gabriel' Lust and the erotic trilogy Amnesia, Religious site Religion Digital confirmed ABC's reporting and stated Novell had undergone a "total life change".