Woman Arrested After Planned To Kidnap Her Husband Because He is Stingy.

Woman Identified as Memunaat Salaudeen  has been arrested by the police operatives in Ogun state for allegedly planning to kidnap her husband.

According to the news, the suspect was arrested alongside with her accomplices on Monday evening , they were arrested along Papa/Itori road by a patrol team on stop and search duty.

The three  accomplices were on a motorcycle when they were stopped because of their suspicious look, said the police.

 The team searched them   and found a cutlass and a  newly acquired rope in their possession, they were consequently separated and questioned on what  they planned to use the  cutlass and rope for, the three of them gave conflicting statements.

They questioned them further and that was when they revealed their planning for the kidnap they stated that a woman, Memunat Saladeen gave them a sum of N8,00 to buy a cutlass and rope for the operation.

They also revealed that the woman, who is nurse in their area Balogun Tuntun Gas line Ifo, ordered them to hide somewhere while she lure her husband and they will go ahead to kidnap him ask for ransom.

Memunat, who confessed to the crime, told the policemen that her husband has not been given her money and that she decided to plan his kidnapping in order to get money from him.