NEWS: Sylvester Oromoni's Father Replies Those Dragging Him To Celebrate His Late Son's Posthumous 12th Birthday.


Sylvester Oromoni‘s father has explained his reason for celebrating his son’s birthday, despite his unfortunate death.

According to the news, In his  current  interview, Sylvester  father explained to those trolling him for celebrating his late son’s birthday, that it was not a celebration or a day of happiness, but only a way of praying for his soul. 

He further explained that it was a promise he made to his son, which he has vowed to keep even in death.

He said,

“I made a promise to my son while he was alive. My wife gave birth to 11 children (four males and seven females), but I lost one of them to death years ago. Sylvester was our last child.

My wife delivered 10 of our kids without a surgical operation. However, she had to undergo a caesarean session (popularly known as C-section) while giving birth to Sylvester. I promised to celebrate his birthday every year in bigger forms.”

“I realized that even he is not with us, we should still ‘mark’ his birthday. It was not a celebration, as many people assume. We only marked his birthday and prayed for his soul.

We did not drink or wine. I promised him, and I will continue doing it even after his death. I will invite pastors to pray for his innocent soul on such days. It was not a day of happiness.”